Bernie stands a chance

Whilst the coronavirus will likely last at least a few more months and have a noticeable impact on global GDP, the economy will recover once the antidote is developed. Bernie Sanders on the other hand could be a long term problem for those wanting business as usual. A self-described 'democratic socialist', Bernie represents change...

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Home run

The possible impeachment against President Trump was a remote chance but has ended sooner than the Democrats would have liked. It looks as if Trump is set to be acquitted in his impeachment trial after senators voted against calling witnesses or admitting new evidence. We can now expect him to focus on attacking Democrats...

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Panic stations

The recent coronavirus outbreak and the negative market reaction is all part of the path to slower growth. Clearly, this outbreak could not be predicted but US 10 year yields have struggled to make any headway to reach 2%. The selling on Friday in equities and move into bonds was met with little resistance....

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Target zero inflation

The majority of central banks focus on a 2% inflation target. In the developed world, we are experiencing inflation well below this level. I argue this is creating a debt spiral which is completely unnecessary if the true objective should be to increase GDP per capita and equality of income and wealth. Over the...

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Good parenting

When a child misbehaves the best method is to correct their behaviour immediately, little and often. This keeps them 'honest'. Not doing so only enforces a message that misbehaviour is acceptable. Giving in to bad behaviour is even worse, it condones bad behaviour. As banks are required to hold reserves at the Fed under...

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